I am new to Outsystems. I am using Mac OS Sierra 10.13.6 and have installed Outsystems 11 for Mac.

I was trying to go thru the Outsystems Movie Database exercise as part of Web Developer learning paths.

The instructions in the exercise handbook say:

In the Core module, create a GetAppName Server Action that returns the application’s name ( OSMDb ).   a) Switch to the OSMDb_Core module and open the Logic tab.

  b) Right-click the Server Actions folder and select Add Server Action

When I try to perform step b), the Right-Click on the Server Action folder does not do anything.

Right-click works on other menu's within Service Studio.

Is there a fix for this (or) do I need to install Outsystems in a Windows PC to make progress.

Hi Kumar,

I will make sure that this gets reported. The MAC version is a work in progress and is constantly being updated. Since it's in Technical Preview, there are some issues that we are working to address.A work around would be try selecting the Server Actions folder and pressing ctrl-N  .  That is the shortcut for a new element and might work for you.

Same problem with me. I'm trying to import a exeI file in the database. Nothing happen with the right click, anywhere. 

I'm also using Mac OS Sierra 10.13.6.