Simple Reports Question


I recently installed the Simple Reports app and attempted my first report.  I thought I set up the screen as per the instruction provided by Simple Reports.  As you can tell by the screenshots below, my simple report, which displays only a test page header, looks nothing like the the Simple Reports examples, to the point that it is funny.  Clearly I am missing something I cannot figure out what.

Below is a screenshot of the simple report I created, only to test the functionality.  The only widget I added was the text in the Page header, everything else came with the components.

Below is the sample from Simple looks a lot better and actually looks like a report...not mine.  :)

Thank you in advance and I am sure it is something small I have missed.


you need to have a database to fill the report, within the flow add the A4 page with your data.

Open the simple report project and compare with yours.

If you want only the Header to be visible, put it inside a Container.


I make a sample of report:

You need the data, for the header see the properties of the print component:

show or not the labels:

You make the Report.


Thanks Rolando,

Sorry, I wasn't clear in my original post.  I understand a table is needed to display the data, I just wanted to see how it looked when I built the report and ran it for the first time, because it looked nothing like the sample report. 

Please ignore the data in the report, it is the look and feel that is completely different from the Simple Reports examples.  The Sample Report app demo, looks like an actual report when you run it.  After installing the app and creating a report, my report looks nothing like a report...just a screen that takes up the entire monitor with some Ok button.  It does not have the nice menu along the top etc.

I assumed the report would size itself and format itself exactly like the app...I would just add the content.

Ok, you understood that you are the one who must perform the look and feel of the report. Success with your project


You need to use the Simple Reports Theme