Embed PDF in offline native app

Hi everyone,

I've just subscribe to OutSystems and i'd like to develop my own app for student purpose..

I have some questions :

How do you embed PDF file in to your app?

How to link this PDF file ?

Thank you for your answers !


Web app or Mobile app?

There are a variety of Forge components available that can generate PDF files:


A more complete answer would require more information about the specific use case, namely whether this is web or mobile (the "native" part in your title makes me think the latter), what information needs to go into the PDF, whether the PDF is for display or saving, etc.

Thank you for you answer !

I'd like to create Mobile App which allow users to access to PDF files present in the app.

For exemple : 

I have a PDF call CookieReceipt.pdf. I also have a Screen where there is severals category. I'd like to make a link to the PDF file when user click on a category.


To clarify, do the PDFs already exist? Or do you need the app to generate the PDFs?

For existing PDFs in a mobile app, something like this might be helpful:


If you are brand-new to OutSystems, I would also recommend having a look at the Learn section of the OutSystems website, there are many courses available there that will help you get up to speed with the platform, including a guided path training specific to Mobile development:



Would also suggest doing a search on the forums using the terms PDF and Mobile. You'll find there are a lot of related posts in the forums already, so spend some time looking through those, and you may find what you are looking for.

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