[Html2PdfConverter] HTML2PDF converter executable error

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Published on 2 Jun by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 2 Jun by Guilherme Pereira

In the farm environment i am getting an error like the specified executable is not supported for this OS platform. Does this error related the server OS or the client machine which was trying to download the PDF. 

While i am trying to download 10,000 records i am getting site can't be reached error. what is the maximum limit of records i can download using this plugin. we are using OS10 platform.

The 2 issue i had mentioned is from another environment.


The error you're getting doesn't seem related with the fact of being a farm environment or not. What version, and type of installation are you using? What executables are you using?

Regarding the 2nd issue there's no limit on the component as it renders the web page so the timeout is on the code that renders the page so you should check if you can render the page from your browser.