Special character error using API


I'm using Zoombox API (https://apiapp.zoombox.com.br/dev/cep) that searches and returns an address using a brazilian zip code (CEP). The application works, however, when there's a special character in the address, the return in the input looks like this: 

I've already tested the API and it returns the correct address with the correct format:

How can I format this input in order to return the correct special character?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Rafaela,

The pane on the above screen has two tabulators. The first tab is called "Request". If you open this tabulator, something like: 

POST /dev/cep HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Host: apiapp.zoombox.com.br
User-Agent: OutSystemsPlatform
    "cep": "30720280"

can be seen. In my case there is a charset=utf-8. If this charset is not equal to the charset used with Outsystems, some characters might give a wrong representation. Have a look at: 


Kind regards,

René Cornet


René Cornet and assif_tiger, thank you! It worked!