External DB connection with PhpMyAdmin

Hello all,

Could you please advice how to connect an external Database phpmyadmin with Outsystems.

It seems to issue and error while setting properties in eSpace/Administration/Database Connection.

Could you please expecify Server and Schema requiered.

Thank you in advance 


Many thanks Paulo,

So as I can see external Database phpmyadmin will not be a native integration for Outsystems. 

So the  solution is to access it using standard code, with ODBC/JDBC drivers, or native APIs. For big data repositories, like CouchDB, MongoDB, or Hadoop, developers access them using their REST APIs

There is also an OutSystems database integration SDK for extending the platform, and it can be used to add native support for databases.

It that correct?




The same problem with me, 

so far it still hasn't solved. 

Database migration is not my choice.

Any clue for solve this??