Cannot login to Users Apllication

Good afternoon,

I'm almost finished with the Bookings assignment, working on "Assignment 10: Secure Bookings", but for some reason I cannot log into the Users application anymore, that is to say sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but now it doesn't work at all anymore.  

Before the Bookings Assignment, when I was working om the "Security" exercise, I had no problems there.

Please tell me how exactly I must log in.

Kind regards,

Maarten Bril

Hi Maarten,

Do you mean you're not able to login anymore into the https://<developer> site?


René Cornet

Hi René,

Yes, that's right. Url is

I use my email address,, plus password, to log in.

Only yesterday I logged in and added some testusers to test the various levels of security.

Now I can log into my Bookings app  using any of those test users, but I cannot log into the Users app to change their roles, and, what's more, I cannot log into the bookings app under my own name anymore.

I guess I made some typing error while changing my password. Can you reset it for me?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Maarten,

Sorry, I'm not able to do so, but maybe this will help you:



Hi Maarten,

 I think i can help you. Try those steps:

1- Acess the link: ""

2-  Click on the link " Forgot passoword?"

3 - Insert your email. In this step is important to check that the email you put is the same email register in your outsystems account.

 4- If you put the correct email wou will receive a email like this one. If the email didn't arrived check the span folder.

5- Click on the link and navigate to this screen where you will put the new password.

6- After that you should be able to acess the aplication Users  with your email and the NEW password.

Hi everyone!

I am also experiencing a similar problem with logging into Users Application.

At the moment i can use my account(username/password used for logging into development environment) to access ServiceCenter, LifeTime but can not access Users with this account. 

I guess i have changed something about role or group of this account in Users.

Please help me!


Dinh Luc.

Hi Dinh Luc,

You may be able to reset your Admin password by logging into Service Center, navigating to the Users module (Factory->Modules->Users) and going to the Single Sign-On tab... you have a "Configure Administrator user" button that will allow you to reset the admin's credentials.

If this doesn't work, I'd suggest you contact to help you with this issue.

Hope this helps!