Hi All,

The timer scheduled is not getting triggered . Im getting below error.

2019-03-08 11:19:55
Timer xxxx error (inside action 'xxxx'). Timer duration = 1665 secs: Request timed out [retry 2 of 3 scheduled]outsysDetail
2019-03-08 11:19:55xxxx
Timer 'xxxx' Running Since Date changed unexpectedly. Expected '2019-03-08 10:52:09' but was '1900-01-01 00:00:00'.outsysDetail
2019-03-08 11:16:09xxxx
Scheduler Service: Error executing request for Timer xxxx. Request duration = 1440 secs. [Timer failed before starting: please check if there are any errors in this module]ScheduleroutsysDetail

Can anyone help me

Can you share the settings for your timer? 

Is the error showing up in the Service Center logs? Any other errors that might be related?

Hi guys,

Was there a solution for this problem? Because I am having the same issues.

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Please, did you check this information? And what's your service center configuration? And check this document about Create and Run Timers.