How to send email from web app?


I created on my web app a "Contact us" page.

On that page, I want all content filled to be sent to an email address when the user click on Submit.

I used the Outsystems email widget and filled in the necessary field.
In the email widget config, t requires me to create a email screen. I understand that email screen can be customized and all, but all i want is to be able to send the content of the form to an email address.

How do i go from here?

Here is the flow on the submit button.

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You can add inputs to your email block and inside the email block (preparation) you can send the email using an action which is only available in the email block context.

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Hi Gaelius,

What you can do is make 3 input parameters on your mail (SenderName, SenderEmail, EmailBody).

Link your input from your formfields to those parameters.

Then you can use those 3 to create ur email page just use expressions and select the right parameters  to display the information.

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Does your environment has the SMTP settings configured? If so, what errors are you getting on sevice center logs?

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