[FullCalendar 2] [FullCalendar 2] problem displaying several days events in calendar view

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Published on 29 Mar by Daniel Filipe
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Published on 29 Mar by Daniel Filipe


Several days event are not correctly displayed in calendar view.


There is an event with start date 18th march 2019 10:00 end end date 21rst March 2019 23:00.

I flag the event as full day event.

In calendar view, only cells of 18, 19 and 20 March are filled and cell of 21 March is not.

Any idea ?

We are using FullCalendar 2 version 3.1.0

Service studio 10.0.721.0

Internet Explorer 11

Hi Sophie,

Since the event has time, set the full day event to false.
It will show the event with all date selected in month view.
And in week or day view, if there's any other event in same day, it will show as overlapping events.