Cannot get AJAX update to work for the non-current row

In the code I have above, I have a selector button that is attached to a "RichWidgets.Boolean" structure. The form implements multi-row editing, with multiple instances being editable at the same time. This is very different than standard OS which is to list multiple rows and edit one at a time.

What I want is to disable this selector checkbox on all rows, whenever there is a change to any of the content.  I can achieve the effect if I "ajax refresh" the DocumentValues instance, but has the side effect of losing the data value that changed.

Looping or just use refresh on Selector without the loop, has the same effect, the first row is unaffected 

Is the functionality I am seeking possible?  If so, how?

An AJAX refresh would do this because it causes that part of the screen to reload.  You might be able to do this with some JavaScript - but not with AJAX refresh.

Thanks.  Turns out the code is not that hard, and for the benefit of others, this is the change: