Populate multi input using autocomplete search


I’m trying OutSystems for a small project. My goal is create a web app for tech rapair products.

I create 2 Entites: Clients and Tickets. 

I would insert in ticket creation page a search form with autocomplete that show clients information and when I select it, populate some field in ticket (client name, client phone, client email).

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english

Hi Giovanni,

So, the big question is what you expect from the community? The idea is you try yourself, learn OutSystems, there is a lot of good quality training material. 

The time spent in the online free training will teach you what you want to achieve with your project.

Then when you are building your application and you stumble on a problem you can post a question with a detail description of what you tried or cannot achieve. And then we can try to help. 

Have fun with the training exercises .



I'm sorry, I did not express myself correctly. I was hoping for some link or input that could direct me to the right direction. I apologize again if I have hinted at anything else


This is a must do training if you quickly want to learn how to build web applications with OutSystems. 


you will get multiple sessions here. you can follow them.


and for autocomplete, check the below link.


hope this helps you!!!