How can I parse this json the best. One depends on another


I want to make app that displays paintings from the Rijksmuseaum in Amsterdam.

I have learned how to use a restful api.

but this one is complex.

I have to do 2 steps. 

1) ask this url for the objectNumbers:[API_KEY]&format=json&toppieces

2) with the numbers I can ask this one :<<number found at step1 >/tiles?key=[API_KEY]&format=json

Is this possible and how can I achieve this ? 


I suggest you Google "how to consume a REST API with OutSystems" there is plenty of information on this topic. 

I did already but could not find one where a part is variable 


but it does not show how to get some data from one json respons to another

the first one gives some 10 ids which one for one needs to be fed into the second respons


You can make a server action where you first call the first API method, then you can use the response of the first API to use in the call for the other API method


oke, time to experiment with it