Clarifying the OSLOG views, and tables


we are developing customised analytics in our application.

The data we require are mostly covered by what appears in the Screen logs in service centre 

(ie ServiceCenter/Screen_Logs.aspx)

So we use a timer to populate our own table from the database view OSLOG_SCREEN.

I had assumed that this view was a union of the rotated tables: oslog_screen_0, oslog_screen_1, oslog_screen_2 etc 

but now I believe this is not correct.

Can anyone please explain 

1) how these oslog_screen tables are rotated? 

and more importantly  

2) is there a view I can use to  consistently obtain the oslog_screen data as the servicecentre  page Screen_Logs.aspx?




Hi Andy, 

All your questions can be found answered in this certified OutSystems staff post: Despite the topic's age (2014), it's still the very same behavior since OutSystems platform version 8.

If you are using OutSystems platform 11 on-premises however, there might be an additional note to where those logs may be stored - worth a read:



Thanks Pedro,

that link is very helpful