Screen destinations and cyclic references

Hello everybody,

As you all probably know, in OS11 screen destinations are now "weak" references, meaning that sideways references between end-user layer modules just for screen destinations are no longer a violation of the 4LC rules. Does the same logic also apply to cyclic references?

I have the following scenario: an End-user module that references a Library module which contains the application's Theme. In that Library module, I need to reference a screen from the End-user module, which then creates a cyclic reference.

Going into Discovery, the Big Picture screen lists that as a cyclic reference. However, if I go to the Module Canvas, I do not get any violations for the involved modules.

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Hi Aurélio,

That's a very good question.

I remembered Francisco Menezes in ODC explaining (tech talk here, min 5:30) this was now a weak reference and we would not need to use the Get Entry URL as a workaround anymore in P11.

It is also my impression that people in general focus their attention on the module canvas rather than the Big Picture graph.