Get authentication action from outsystems to another app

Hi all,

          I have an app 'A' created  in outsystems and also have an second app 'B' which is built in native. I have login authentication in 'A' app, and have to authenticate an user with the same credentials from app 'A'. 

    For example: 

credentials in app 'A':

username : XYZ@abc.com

password : ABC@123

If a user installs the 'B' app, i will  check if the username is already exists in 'A' app and if yes user have to enter password and if he logs in, i will check the username and password in the 'A' app's authentication and make the user gets logged in to the 'B' app.

So basically, if a user has a login in 'A' app, user also can log in to 'B' app.

So can I expose the authenticate action from outsystems and call that action from the app 'B'.?

Can someone give solutions or an suggestion.?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Kaarthick,

in OutSystems every end user stored in the Users entity. That means user 'XYZ@abc.om' can log in to application A also B with the same credentials. You can build another action in the native application or you can expose an action from application A and use it in native for authorization.

If you want to separate Users for every application, you can use Tenants or you can use roles.

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Hi Kaarthick,

Yes, it's possible because native apps also can use server actions here is an example.
This is my web application exposing an action.

I'm calling the action from the mobile application

Here is the result