I have "Change and Deploy" permissions, but can't install any plugins or extensions

Hello there,

I am given the "Change and Deploy" permission for an application in my Client's environment. I am however unable to install any plugins from the forge. I also have "Reuse & Monitor" for all applications at the development level. 

I receive this error : (Error) Invalid Permissions: Insufficient privileges to execute operation.

I have tried looking around the documentation,  and came across this page:


I am not sure if this snippet is the solution to my problem, 

"To be able to manage external database catalogs and add external entities to an extension the user must have the permission Reuse and Monitor Applications at the environment level, even if the user has the permission Change and Deploy Applications for the application that contains the extension module."

Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

Thanks in advance.

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You need  a default role  with at least "Change and Deploy" to do so. For change of external database connection you need it too either as default role. If the default role is monitor and reuse then you need change and deploy at application level in order to change a external database connection.