Network FileSystem - Only files from first folder & its sub directories are displayed

Hello everyone,

So I'm developing an application that is required to display all files from a directory and its sub directories.

The heirarchy is something like this:

Folder 1

  • Folder a
    • Folder a.1
      • Folder a.1.1
      • Folder a.1.2
    • Folder a.2
      • Folder a.2.1
      • Folder a.2.2
    • Folder a.3
  • Folder b
    • Folder b.1
      • Folder b.1.1
      • Folder b.1.2
    • Folder b.2
  • Folder c
    • Folder c.1

I'm using the Extension "NetworkFileSystem" and its Server Action "Directory_ListDirFiles" in order to display the data that I need. It works however, only the files of the first folder and its subdirectories are displayed (Folder a until Folder a.1.2 only).

I just learned that the "NetworkFileSystem" is deprecated so I tried to use the "FlieSystem" extension instead. However, the paramaters Domain, Username, and Password is not available on the Server Action "Directory_ListDirFiles". I need these parameters because I am connecting to a network path (//folderA/folderB/...)

Can you please help me on this?

You may want to post your question using the Discussion area for the NetworkFileSystem or FileSystem component, and see if there is a plan to bring the optional parameters to the latter. On the Support tab for the component, you can start a new discussion:

Also relevant to your question:

The second thread doesn't have a resolution, per se. But it does note the same issue you're talking about.

A potential option, if you're willing to get your hands dirty is to modify the FileSystem component to include the relevant functionality from the NetworkFileSystem component. But better to ask the team first if they're planning to do that work, rather than duplicate the effort.