About initial value and setting of fetch size in OutSystems


We are trying to compare the speed difference between OutSystems Application and Java application.

In most of the JDBC drivers’ default fetch size is 10.  
In normal JDBC programming,  if we want to retrieve 1000 rows, it requires 100 network round trips between the application and database server to transfer all data. Definitely this will impact the application response time.

If we configure fetch size as 100, number of network trips to database will become 10.
This will improve performance of the application.

So my question is

By default, how many rows or how many kilobytes(KB) is the fetch size of OutSystems?
and is there a way to set the fetch size in OutSystems?

Please let me know if someone knows about it.

*  10 rows in JDBC
** 64KB in ODP.NET

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You can configure for each query the amount of rows you want to fetch. Not sure about how to option the fetch size. If you want to fetch 1000 rows at once that is also no problems. 

Performance of course also depends on hardware and database server configuration.

Furthermore OutSystems does automatic query optimazion, you can define caching of query results.