[Simple Reports With PDF] Data in Nested webblocks not rendering in report

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Published on 2017-01-05 by Huarlem Lima
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Published on 2017-01-05 by Huarlem Lima

Hi everyone!

I have some problems with simple reports in order to generate a PDF of a file with nested webblocks

After some inicial text I have a section with nested webblocks.

In place of this section I have 4 blank pages and the titles of the subsections appear with empty content at the end. 

When I try to generate pdf directly from html (html2pdf converter) everything is looking fine although break of page is horrible. 

How do I overcome this issue on simple reports?

Hi Helena,

Have you try open your page (the one that will be converted) directly in your browser? something like https://yourenvironment/yourpage.aspx?parameters

By doing this, you could try to debug preparation action in your converted page and web blocks, and check if something missing.

Hi Hendra, already did it. No problem with rendering of normal page

Hi Helena,

How is the report being generated? Do the webblocks have any validation such as checkrole or other custom validation?

Hi Fernando, I'm just using a BusinessProcessId as a parameter and quering data from there. No user no role checking at all