Marker positioning on Google map


I'm using Google maps to create route where return to origin is "true". In this case the origin marker gets overlapped by the destination marker. Is there a way to show both the markers or just only the origin marker.(May be hide destination marker)?



Hi Preeti,

Unfortunately, the component doesn't have any option to do that. You need to change the component. In my case, I created a new input parameter (IsSupressMarkers boolean): 

After that, you need to pass this input parameter to the follow actions until arrive the action JS_AddDirectionsToMap:

var IsSuppressMarkers = "+Utils_WrapJSString(IsSuppressMarkers)+";
osGoogleMap.addDirections(MapId, DirectionsId, DirectionsRequest, NotificationCallback, IsSuppressMarkers);

And, in the Javascript Code of the map:

you need to find the function addDirections() and change the "DirectionsRenderer" :

I hope this help you.