Filter by currdatetime() doesn´t show results

Hi Guys, 

I set up a timer sending an email to a client. this email contains an excel sheet with events. The filter I´d like to use for the data in the excel sheet is like CreatedOn = CurrDate(). Unfortunaltely this does not show any results although there are events with CreatedOn today. 

By the way. The filter CreatedOn <> NullDate() works well...

thanks for your help! 




Have you checked if the field CreatedOn is a date and not a DateTime?






Where are you applying the filter, is in an aggregate, advanced query or is in an If widget?

Thanks Graca, 

actually I thought OutSystems is smart enough to know it but I used DateTimeToDate(CreatedOn) and now it works well

That should only work in aggregates where all is managed by the platform and if the fields are Date the Time part is ignored.

Otherwise, you need to do it yourself and with excel fields you always need to be aware because sometimes it looks like that the value is one thing but it's just a format and the real value is different.