In this scenario is more appropriate create a new table or just a column?

In the IssueDetail screen, the user needs to select the customer name and the subject of the issue. The subject of the issue can be network, hardware or other. If the user select other it appears an input so the user can introduce a custom text for the issue subject.

Do you know, for this scenario, if is necessary to create a table IssueSbubjects with a 1 to many relationship between IssueSubjects and Issues and so the combobox of the issue subject uses the IssueSubjectId of the relationship, or if its more appropriate, the subject field combobox be a special list (with network, hardware, other) and the subject can be stored in a column of type text in the Issues table?


It always depends on the use , but the option of creating a table is more flexible. You can add to that table information related to each subject, to use in different situations. 



Thanks, but for example in the combobox the options for subjects are always only "network", "hardware", "other", even if the user create more custom subjects, that custom subjects need to be stored, but in the combobox will appear only "network", "hardware", "other". Even in this case is better to create a table to store the subjects? (a table IssueSubjects only with the columns Id and Subject)

In that case the list is easiest  to develop. 

Thanks, but with the list then, if for example, the list is like this:

Value 1: 0

Option 1: Network

Value 2: 1

Option 2: Hardware

Value 3: 2

Option 3: Other

And in the special variable of the list, there is a Subject local variable of type text. Then, in the Save Action to store the issue, how to store the subject text in the subject column of the Issues table depending on the value selected in the combo box? 

For example, I have an assignment before the CreateOrUpdateIssue() that has the variable "IssueForm.Record.Issue.Subject" but then how to properly set the value for this variable? Because if the Subject is 0 the value should be Network", if is 1 "Hardware". It's necessary if is 0 set the value as "Network" but also else if is 1 set the value as "Hardware", but I'm not understanding how to have multiple conditions on the if.

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