When working in Developer Team with more then 1 user and 1 developer making changes on the same page, the first user is publishing the page, then the second user making changes to the same page.when the second user wants to publish, immediately the Merge And publish compare screen popup, but the only thing he can do is to decide to take his version or the saved version of the first user, and not actually merge both..

do im missing something in the process?



Hello Shahar,

You're not missing anything. In OutSystems, two persons CAN'T work in the same "unit" (Screen, Web Block, Action, Entity, etc).

When this happens, the first to publish gets its code to the server, the second will be asked if wants to publish its code over the code already present in the server (the new version will have the new code instead of the published in the previous version), or the developer will replace its own code with the code present in the server.

So, don't allow two developers to work in the same unit.



Hi Shahar,

What should happen is that there's a pop-up that gives you the choice between "merge and publish" (which means SS will auto-merge) or "manual merge" (I don't recall the exact terminology used), which opens the full merge pop-up.