How to override exception Error: 500 Internal Server Error

i have this error message on my validations. When the user doesn't enter a commission value it first displays this exception "Quote Error: 500 Internal Server Error" then after u cancel the error it then displays the correct validation message,  "Specify commission"

How best can i write the exception to override this server 500 error since my validation is working however this pops up first.

I already have another exception handlers that handles all exceptions. Kindly let me know how i can get this specific server error to be overridden

Hi Muriel,

May be you are using notification message inside exception flow. 

Or You are using server action inside your main action and your server action have exception flow with feedback message.

Can you please share more details?

@Gopal Find screen capture below

Muriel Munyavi wrote:

@Gopal Find screen capturebelow

Hi Muriel,

Is your first error message(Quote Error: 500 Internal Server Error) captured by current screen exception handler or it's coming from  "AppendErr_CommisionType" action? 

If this message coming from "AppendErr_CommisionType" then you can put exception handler inside that action and handle it there.