ECT_Provider - App Feedback - Information not visible on scroll


We are trying to use App Feedback (ECT_Provider) so that our users can provide feedback on bugs that need to be corrected on the application.

However, in ECT Provider, when visualizing the feedback that was sent by users, if the feedback is not immediately visible, and scroll is need in ECT Provider, it does not appear. This makes it impossible to use this component, as any elements that are not in the header or at the top of the page are invisible.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there any solution?

I have attached an image with the problem I am having. In this image, I have scrolled down on the page and the information is invisible.


João Mateus

What version of OutSystems are you running? Are you in the OutSystems cloud, or self-managed/on-prem?

What browser are you using to view the ETC info? Have you checked the browser console for errors?


I also had always the same problem. Till now it was never a problem. If you have screens that are too long they are cut and you can't see everything. I don't think this is version or browser dependent but a limitation of ECT.




I am using:

OutSystems Platform Version:

Installation - On-premises

Browser - Google Chrome

There are some console errors: 404 - DownloadAttachment.aspx page

I have noticed that if I zoom out, more elements appear on the screen. It seems to be an issue with scrolling, as only the initial area is visible.



João, I would suggest that you open a ticket with support. Provide them with the above information, and the error message(s) you're seeing in the browser console.


For anyone with this issue, there is a workaround. 

It turns out that this problem only occurs in the '/ECT_Provider/ResponsivePreview.aspx' page. There is an iframe showing the feedback from the user inside  this page. If I right click the feedback screen, choose 'view frame source' and remove the 'view-source:' from the resulting Url, it is possible to see the full feedback screen in '/ECT_Provider/PagePreview.aspx', without any problems.

Hope this helps.


João Mateus