[OutSystems UI] Silk UI Mobile V10 |  UsePullToRefresh don't work in iOS
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Published on 06 Oct 2020

Good Morning,

I'm implementing a mobile app and want to block the scroll feedback (pull-to-refresh effect). On Android works flawlessly, but on iOS, it does not work!!!

Is there any way, can you tell me, to solve this problem?

Best regards,

Nuno Miguel

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Hello Nuno,

You mean disable to PullToRefresh feature? You can disable it by changing the input parameter on the layout of the screen.

Hello Dinnis,

and I disabled it, but it has a strange behavior, in which for example in my case, the screen background is a cream tone, and having the UsePullToRefresh disabled, the screen descends (except the Header, because the variable is false) , and the part that descends in white tone. Worse, the labels and buttons go down unevenly. And it does not look pretty.

And another behavior is, if you try to push-up, everything happens in the same.

Even when I have UsePullToRefresh active, the widgets leave their place unevenly, and this behavior is not what they want.

Can you explain how to solve this problem? Since in Android, everything works fine ... and in iOS, the behavior that I described happens.

kind regards,
Nuno Verdasca