Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if it was possible to run an action for, in my case 14 days from a click on a page. After one of our deals is marked sale pending I need to make an action that puts it back into a non sale pending status. The status is held by an ID that relates to another entity so I would just need to run an action on an assigned date 14 days after the deal was marked sale pending. I was looking at using the timer but saw that it could only be run at a set reoccurring time. If not I was also just thinking of running an action every night to look for sale pendings that are older than 14 days and just reset those status'.

Any help is always appreciated!




Hello Bryan,

Your case would be best approached using BPT, I think.

But you can use timers and the way you are thinking (run every night to check for records to process) is the correct approach, as a timer is not "individualized" per user, but instead is something that runs your code in its own session.



Okay cool thanks!