I'm using 


binded to a record list, in a screen preparation to show a custom TaskBox. 

But its necessary to refresh the screen to get the Taskbox updated after a redirect from other screen, where the task status is updated. 

Is there anyone that have faced a similar issue? What strategies were used? 


Hi Nuno,


Create a task box inside web block ,place the web block inside container and refresh the container using javascript with in particular interval.  When you refresh the container the web block preparation will call and the activites list gets updated.Go through this link which will helps you https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/18104/adding-java-script-to-a-page-to-refresh-it/ 



Thanks Koushik Prathi. I'll try that.


Thanks Koushik Prathi. but i opted to use an iframe consuming the custom taskbox list webBlock.