Rich controls for UI like grid etc.

I am very new to outsytem , and observed that there are only few basic controls available for data display (table records, editable table) , but it does not provide advanced functionality, like I cannot select the particular row and pass the data of that row for the next screen. 

I would like to know is there any grid control available which has all advanced functionality like paging, soring , search , selection of record etc.

I tried from forge but getting some difficulties. 

can you please provide some examples for the same which solves the above problem? 

Hi Mosam,

I'm not sure what functionality you need, exactly. Paging is of course perfectly possible (just schaffold some Entity to see how that works), as is sorting. Search shouldn't be handled inside a display component anyway, as you'll want to do something with the filtered/searched data (so the page must know). And selection of records is typically handled by using e.g. checkboxes in front of the data.

So depending on the "problem" you have, i.e. the functionality you seek, there are out-of-the-box solution and things you could program yourself, but likely there is nothing that addresses your needs perfectly, but that's of course why there are software developers in the first place...


As I understood it is low code platform , it should have functionality without code or less code. That is why we use this platform for rapid development. And as per my understanding , I am not looking for any complex functionality. I don't need checkbox in the grid, I want to select the row of the grid (list) and do some operation on that data in next screen. There should be some event for selectedchanged or something. 

I have seen Line count property for editable record then it displays only that number of record but pagination is not happening. How to achieve that without coding?

Is there any control in forge which supports the same? 

Hi Mosam,

From what you describe I think that you are looking to create a link in a row that will links to a screen or directly a link to another page where you should pass the identifier of that record in order to get only that record in the preparation of the next page.

This is, in fact, a very standard pattern in OutSystems as you can see by watching the videos and following the exercises in the Becoming a Web Developer guided path.

Hope this help you to understand how to achieve your goal.