Entity records are duplicate in Multi tenant

Hi Team,

I have Created sample application for multi tenancy 

Entity Name  (Contacts)

Contacts Entity already have 182 records.

Advance settings --> I had select contact entity to Is Multi-tenant --> Yes and Checked Show tenant Identifier

Back Office --> Created tenants and users

when i login as new tenant users --> Contact entity show 182 records for every tenants

If i create tenant wise new records in contacts entity  --> data isolation working.


Contact entity - 182 records

Tenant 1 - created one records - 183

Tenant 2 - Created two records - 184

For my questions

when i login as tenant 3(users)  - Created one records in contact entity - Show only one record (Contact Entity)  possible in out systems ?

While i'm creating new tenants. Records in contact entity are getting duplicated for each tenant but i want them isolated for tenant.


You do not want to have the Show Tenant Identifier record. By doing that, you have told the system that you are going to manage everything yourself.  Please see the documentation on Multitenant.


HI Vignes,

First of all you need to understand how multi tenancy works in Outsystems , what all things can be multi tenant and also how the platform isolate the data.

When you set the "Show Tenant Identifier" to Yes platform stop putting the Tenant filter in the queries which fetches data on your screens and fetch all the data irrespective of which tenant you logged in .

The link that Stacy have provided will help you understand its behaviour. Like the entities you can set your Site Properties , Timers and Processes to multitenant .