OS11 Invalid SOAP Static Entity Usage

When cosuming a Soap webservice in OutSystem 11 it is no longer possible to to use the generated static entities in queries in a combobox. 


I have a soap call with a mandatory Enum as input, lets say type (there are 8 types). And the soap service returns a list of items of that type. 

So I could like to create a simple list screen where the user can filter on type with a combobox.

Without using a query on the generated static or using the static in the combobox directly the only possible solution I see is to create a 'hardcoded' mapping between a new static (containing the same 8 types) and generated static. This seems inlogical does anyone have better suggestions

Hi Erik,

What's wrong with using it in the Combo Box directly? Why would you want to query the Static Entity?

Hello Kilian,

You have a valid point. But the problem I'm having is that a also can't connect it directly. 

However the strange thing is that a different static entity created by the same SOAP service produced the same error. But that error mysteriously disappeared, and is now connected and working in my screen. The OutSystems documentation shows that the error is valid and a direct connection should not work anymore. 

I will furter investigate in which scenario's this does and does not work. But if any one has seen this error before I would like to know the best way to deal with this. 

Ok, didn't know that, thanks. It seems that these SOAP Static Entities are all but unusable.