Outsystems Charts - Generate gaps in line graph

Hi All,

I am using Outsystems to plot heart rate data over time. This data often has gaps and so I would like to represent these gaps in my plot. To do so I have been using the DataPoint_InitMissing() client function. When I use this function it is producing a data point where the value is -2147483647 (This corresponds to the min number an integer can be). This results in graphs like the one shown below:

Graph using DataPoint_InitMissing() to generate "Gaps"

Same Graph using "0" values instead of DataPoint_InitMissing()

This is what I am trying to achieve

OK so i found a work around to achieve the desired outcome. Instead of using the DataPoint_InitMissing() funcations you can create a new series for each time there is a gap in the data.

I do however believe that the the behaviour of the DataPoint_InitMissing() is not as intended/designed.