[Location Plugin] [GoogleMapsPlugin] Plugin Rejected by Apple.

I have two plugins in mobile app. 

Location plugin and GoogleMapsPlugin 

both uses device location. When I push application to app store then apple rejected the app due to that I haven't describe the purpose of usage of device location.
I followed this post completely but no success.

in both plugins I couldn't find the variable "NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription" so I cloned these plugins and  I added  following lines in plugin.xml

      <config-file target="*-Info.plist" parent="NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription" >

and following in extensibility configurations

                "name": "GEOLOCATION_USAGE_DESCRIPTION",
                "value": "Your current location will be used and displayed on the map to tag the community."

but I'm not getting my custom message while ios ask me for permissions but it's showing default message every time.  the message is "Show your location on the map"

It should show "Your current location will be used and displayed on the map to tag the community." instead.

I have tried to regenerate ios app but no success.
can anyone suggest me in this regard ?


Hi Ali,

I'm sorry for the delay. Are you using also the Camera Plugin? If so, you should update both plugins to the latest version (there were some issues in the past when using these two plugins).

Nonetheless, since you are using a supported component, the best way to get help on troubleshooting this issue is by reaching out to the support team


Hi again Ali, not sure if you were arleady able to solve it, but here it goes:

Solution: the Edit PList info plugin from Github (https://github.com/kelter-antunes/cordova-plugin-edit-plist-file/), I was able to do so. I’ve downloaded it from Git, added the configuration in plugin.xml:

<platform name="ios">
        <config-file parent="NSCameraUsageDescription" target="*-Info.plist">
            <string>We are using a camera to bla bla bla </string>
        <config-file parent="NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription" target="*-Info.plist">
            <string>We are using the gallery to bla bla bla </string>
        <config-file parent="NSMicrophoneUsageDescription" target="*-Info.plist">
            <string>We are using your microphone to bla bla bla </string>

Added, this plugin as a zip resource to the module, added it to Extensibility Configuration and my messages appear.