Hi, i had installed 1005.1 in dev env A. Then a week later, in prod env B i installed 1005.2 because 1005.1 is not available already. and A's application will eventually shift to B.

There's no information on revision from 1005.1 to 1005.2

Are they the same? I believe it's minor from the .1 to .2 but due to my work nature, these "rev numbers" does matter. Need some clarity. Thanks.

Hi Lucas, 

After release Platform Server 10.0.1005.1 it was identified a series of bug and security issues which resulted in removing 10.0.1005.1 from General Availability and replacing it with 10.0.1005.2, which contains the fixes for the identified issues. You can check our Release Notes for more details on the latest Platform Server 10.0.1005.2.