Is it possible in outsystems deploy few application version in prod?
For example we have API module with versions: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and systems modules work with the different version. Is it possible to cover all three versions of the API application in the prod?

The same problem with ours project.

For now, we use workaround : clone the API module for each version

Hi Youriu,

Do you want different version of the espace to be referred by different modules? 

When you publish\deploy any espace to any environment , it becomes the latest version and all the dependent module require a dependency refresh with the latest version.

You cannot refer old version of same espace .



I mean we have the application, for example, Cars API.

And in system exists few applications, which work with different versions of Cars API.

CarRepairShop App - works with Cars API v1.1.

CarShowroom App - works with Cars API v5.13

Some APP - works with Cars API v2.3

Is it possible within one environment to be deployed Cars API v1.1, Cars API v2.3, Cars API v5.13 or just one version Cars API can be deployed in one environment?



You can have all cars API in same environment but they need to have different names. Normally the version number is include in the name.