Some of my collegue's don't see the Check What's New icon and menu option (menu help).

They are on the same version (11.0.415.0 as me, but I do see them.

Anybody experiencing the same problem?

Hi Daniel,
Can you please open Service Studio for a second time and check again? This should fix it.


Hello Daniël.

That experience is normal. Service Studio "pings" a REST API to check for content to show in the What's New window (and the icon itself). It does this in an async way in order to not interfere with the user's work/experience.

This means that it's possible for someone to open SS and not see the What's New icon because SS didn't fetch the content in time, so, the icon is not there.

This can also happen after an update: you already see the What's New icon, but you don't see the latest What's New (and some of your colleagues might). Instead, you see the "older" What's New content until SS fetches the new content.

You can try what Sofia said and you'll probably get the icon (SS should have been able to fetch the content meanwhile)