What do you want to learn about?


We’re busy preparing for the upcoming tech talks at NextStep and we want to make sure we’re covering the topics YOU want to learn about. The “Call for Speakers” will happen next month, but right now we’re asking for your ideas on topics!

What do you want to learn about? Share your technical topics and session ideas, so we can make sure it’s our best tech event yet!

We plan to have two types of talks. One will be a 40-minute, long-format talk that focuses on broad topics like architecture, web, mobile, containers, and more. The second type of talk will be a "lightning” format. These are 10-15 minute talks that focus on a specific tip or action, such as "how do I use the events from web blocks that were released with OutSystems 11?” 

So, help us out. Tell us what you want to know—even if it’s about technology unrelated to the OutSystems platform. No promises, but we will do our best to make it happen. 

Talk Idea submission deadline April 12.

Give us your ideas!

Again, the “Call for speakers” will happen soon! 

(Also comments are off, as we’d like for all ideas to get entered through the link above!)