Implementing multi-branding using themes


We have an application that has been developed for a single brand/theme (called SFG)

The app  is structured like this: 


Now we wish to re-use the app for another brand/theme (called XXX)

There may be functional changes but lets assume for this discussion that the two brands will be functionally identical.

I can imagine a few ways to approach this, but at the heart there will be a new XXX_Theme and XXX_Patterns with the new colours, styles images etc for the new brand.

However, since all of the end user modules use the existing theme how can we use the new theme without cloning everything?

Could we have a session variable that is set on login which can be used in an expression to load the appropriate Theme? or some other mechanism?

It is also possible later down the track that YYY brand will be introduced.

Thanks for any assistance, happy to clarify if this doesn't explain enough.




check out this thread and especially the "addpostprocessingfilter" comment.

This will help you by changing the actual css runtime to a different css.

I think this will solve your usecase.


Thanks J. We will work with this.