Site Property Values overwritten after deployment

We have an issue where the value of a site property in Production was changed after deployment from UAT. Is this the supposed behavior when deployment? Site Properties should not be touched in the deployed environment if it already has an effective value right?


Hi Lawrence,

Site Properties values are independent of Environments (like values stored on Data Base).


  1. If you have a Default Value for a Site Property and never change it, the Site Property value will be the same in every environment;
  2. If you change the Site Property in Run Time (for example in a Screen Preparation [not advisable]), this change will happen every time you run this Preparation in Run Time, in every Environment.
  3. If you change the site Property value on Service Center, this will be just for the Environment you are in Service Center.

If you need Site Property to act like Constants, just set the default value.

If you need to change by environment, do it on Service Center of each Environment.

EDIT: If in Production you are using a Default Value (e.g. "MyStringValue") and never change it in Service Center, if you change the Default Value in "Quality" to "MyOtherValue", it will change the default value in Production)