Wrong URL after "Go to destination"

Hello all,

I have "Go to destination" -> [Floors screen] item in my screen action "Save" on the screen FloorDetails. URL of this screen is https://<env-name>.outsystemscloud.com/<app-name>/FloorDetails.aspx.

But if I click the "Save" button I see that screen "Floors" is shown, but URL wasn't changed to https://<env-name>.outsystemscloud.com/<app-name>/Floors.aspx and is still /FloorDetails.aspx

How I can fix this bug?

Thanks in advance


Hi Evgeny,

This is expected behaviour depending on whether you navigate to the Screen, or whether you redirect to that Screen from a Screen Action. This has nothing to do with OutSystems, but the way the browser/HTTP works.


I am having a similar issue, apologies, new to the platform and just trying to learn.

Have a simple home page with a button, have a second page that is referenced in the navigate to property of the button on the home page.

Everything compiles correctly.

When I go test it out the button click just redirects me to the home page.  Also when I hover over the button, the url states the home page versus the second page.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi Peter,

Can you share a screenshot of your home page's button properties? Your behaviour is completely different from Evgeny's and I suspect unrelated as well.


Thank you, here is the screenshot

Peter Goyal wrote:

This is now solved, I had to mark the role attribute to true for anonymous on the second page I was trying to navigate to.  Thank you.

Thank you, here is the screenshot