Hi! i have a mobile app for give user a "credit Offer" but i want to send a custom pdf file to their mails. I have problems passing the user name to the web screen that become the pdf. How can i pass that data? thanks in advance.

Hello Nicolás,

I had a similar case with passing information from my web app to the mobile app. You should be able to pass the data you need by defining a public server action and passing the data as either input or output parameter when calling the server action from the other module. It's up to you, which module you want to reference the other one as dependency.

As an example, if you set the web app as a refreence for your mobile app, you can define a server action "PassTheUsername" in your web app and set it to public. Add the input parameter "PassingUsername" to it and include some logic to save or use the data from the input variable in the web app. Then, update and include the server action "PassTheUsername" in the dependecies of the mobile app. In your mobile app, you can now add the server action "PassTheUsername" from the logic tab's web app folder to your logic and call it. You can now set the username as the input for the input parameter "PassingUsername".

You could also define a public server action with the username as output paramter in your mobile app, set it as a dependency in your web app and call it from the web app when you need it.

I hope this helps,

best regards,