Adapting the aHtml Code to Outsystems (Mobile).

Hello guys

I'm having trouble adapting an Html code to Outsystems APP (Mobile).

This coding in Html is exactly the Exposed below:

 <ul id = "sortable">
    <li class = "ui-state-default"> Item 1 </ li>
    <li class = "ui-state-default"> Item 2 </ li>
    <li class = "ui-state-default"> Item 3 </ li>
    <li class = "ui-state-default"> Item 4 </ li>
    <li class = "ui-state-default"> Item 5 </ li>
    <li class = "ui-state-default"> Item 6 </ li>
    <li class = "ui-state-default"> Item 7 </ li>
</ ul>

The purpose of this is to generate some effects through CSS, JavaScripts or JQuery as below:

    $ (function () {
        $ ("#sortable") .sortable ({
            placeholder: "ui-sortable-placeholder"
When trying to play the html code for for the outsystems using
List and an itemList the result and as shown in the image below.

Thank you for the attention of those who can help.

Thank you!

So, to be clear, the end goal is to have a sortable list?

Perhaps this Forge component could help?