I worked through the BPT course and had no issue setting up the application in the exercises. But when I incorporated the same thing in my own application, I'm not able to see the taskbox. I'm using the same set of users and a similar workflow to the sample; I have certain users that submit a form with a new product, and when they do, that needs to be approved by a different set of users based on role.

The taskbox is instead visible for the intended user in a different application (the sample application from the BPT course). The tasks show up, the process goes into the ready state on Service Center, in other words everything seems to work - except that the taskbox itself shows up only in different applications, but with the correct user role. Also, when I click on the newly assigned task in the taskbox from the sample application, it does take me back to the intended page on my own application if I'm logged in with the apt role, and the process continues, and successfully closes too. It's just that it shows up in a different application. Am I missing including some package in my application so that the taskbox shows up there? Because clearly Service Center shows that the workflow is working, and the process executes fine with the only issue being that the taskbox doesn't show up.

I've checked in https://<my-environment>/EPA_Taskbox, and have set every row in it to IsActive = True. Please do advise on why this might be happening.

In the screenshot, on the large screen you can see the sample application reflecting the newly created task "Tester Task - Submitted from outside" (4th row in the taskbox) for the user Chris, who has the "Approver" role, hence the task was assigned to him. The previous three tasks are for the same user but for the "SelectionProcess" sample application. Seems like all the tasks are shown together in one taskbox always. The activity is named the same as the sample application's "AssignReviewer", hence the task headings are the same for all four. The properties for that human activity are on the smaller screen.

Thank you so much! Makes everything perfectly clear.