Reuse an entity attribute that was deleted

Hi everybody,

I have created an attribute (isBindingOpinion) to an Entity in my application. Then I had a need of smashing my current solution with the code from production environment.

I lost the attribute in my eSpace but I notice that in the database the field is there. If I want to reuse that field in my current code how can I do it?

Add a new EntityAttribute in OutSystems

Go to the database and update the new column with the value of the old one

use e.g. DBCleaner to drop that old column. 

or.. when you are lucky, you can open an old version of the espace that dit contain the EntityAttribute. 


Is it not simply naming your attribute the same?


Hi Danio,

When you remove a entity attribute from OutSystems entity, when publishing, OutSystems will set the is_active column in the metadata table OSSYS_ENTITY_ATTR to 0, for the removed entity attribute. 

Update the OSSYS_ENTITY_ATTR to 1, for the removed entity attribute and create a new entity attribute with the same name and publish the module.

Hope this helps.


As far as I know, J. is right. Just re-create the attribute with the same name and type as the deleted one. There's no need to change values in systems entities for this.



Thanks for your replies, I created new attribute with same name.