Find User By ID in Production

I have a production environment up and running and while monitoring I see errors happening I want to address, but I'd like to see which user is having the error. I want to know which user id corresponds to which username, but I can't find a way to do this in production. 

-I can't view data in service center since it has a production purpose

-I can't see an id listed with users when I go to my espace/users URL

Is there an easy way to match up usernames with user id's so I know who is having the error? It would be nice if there was a way to see the username with the error instead of the userid. 

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jon,

on service center error detail you can see UserId
We have an on-premise installation and we can query the database. For cloud environment, I offer you built a back-office application to query users or use default OutSystems user application.

For instance, in that case, userId is 29


Hope it helps.


It is a cloud installation, and I knew how to get the UserID, just didn't know how to find more details. 

That link is perfect! Quick and easy, just what I was hoping for. 

Thank you so much!