Use Input field to fill one cell of an editable table

Hi guys, 

I am using a editable table. In the first collumn I have a input. In the second I have the event time. In the third collumn I would like to have a value from another input field (outside the table). 

The process might be: 

adding the value to the input field (outside the table)

adding several inputs to the editable table (in the first collumn) 

the system shall automatically fetch the input from the input field and putts it in the editable table (collumm 3) 

I tried to use a local variable and asign it to the editable table but this does not work at all. Actually the system puts in the data of the input field in the editable table but after refreshing it is gone. 

How can I fix this data? It must also be possible to change the input field so that the first input in the editable tabel has input A and the second input b and so on. 

Shouldn´t be that big of a dial...

Thank you for your help! 



You have to assign the value from the input field to the field in the list used in the editable table when this field is empty . When you save the record the value is, then, saved. 

Hope this helps


Hi Maria, 

thanks for the help. I tried it like this:

CageNo is the local variable. I tried now to use several inputs in the table but nothing worked. It shows the value in the table but as I refresh it it disapears...


The CageNo is part of "ReturnedParcel" ? 

If it is not part of the "ReturnedParcel" you are not saving it. So the refresh is going to make it disapear. 


Hi Maria,

thanks for the help! This solves the issue for now. Actually Cage is a single entity connected by CageId. I guess in the next step I´ll need to assign the CageNo of "ReturnedParcel" entity to the CageNo of "Cage" entity.