Geo Chart, Map Chart in outsystems

I would like to create a geo chart where I need to show the country map. Based on the coordinate data I would need to put the pointers in the map.

How to achieve this outsystems mobile UI?

Hi Arunkumar,

Are you talking about Maps here in reference to Geo Chart?
Did you check Google Maps for Mobile in Forge?
It can provide you all the required functionalities you need to implement.


Hi Arunkumar Balu,

Google map is the best option you can go for this functionality.

Let us know if you have any specific questions related this component.


Hi Arunkumar,

Apart from the ubiquitous Google Maps, there are several forge components that allow you to plot data on maps:

Maybe those are better suited for your needs?

Thank you so much for responses. Let me try out the options and confirm back to you.