does Outsystem support multitouch?

Hi all, 

i was wondering if any of you have ever implemented multitouch in Outsystems?

I got a request to develop an app for a multitouch screen and i was wondering if maybe i could do it in Outsystems?

many thanks,


Can you share what the use case is for multi-touch? That is, how is the multi-touch input intended to be used in the app?

Also, are you talking about mobile or web?

Hi Andrew, 

we have a touch surface in the company with capability of 12 simultaneously touch inputs. 

For now i am just doing some research to see if Outsystems is the way forward in creating aplications for this type of device. 

For now i would like to have 5 simultaneous inputs (for the 5 fingers of the hand) that generate a menu + a 6th input that selects the menu item.

I would assume we would develop a mobile type of application. What are your thoughts?

As someone who's a longtime user of touch devices, my starting point would be to stick with known interaction modalities. Multi-touch is an interesting modality, but if it's just for opening and selecting menus, multi-touch has the potential to be harder to learn and more confusing for the user.

For example, long-press (touch and hold) is a more common pattern for opening a context menu than using multi-touch gestures.

For reference, I've been using Surface tablets from the first generation, and Windows pen/touch devices since back in the XP days. I've used the Surface table (which supported both multi-touch as well as reading tags on objects set on its surface), and of course iPads as well.

In terms of whether you can do multi-touch, I'd have a look at this plugin, which uses a third-party JS library to detect and respond to various touch events:

A similar approach could probably be used for supporting multi-touch. But again, I'd be very cautious in using multi-touch to replace more common interaction modalities (menu interaction, etc.).