Dear Outsystems community,

there are lots of topics about downloading binary data saved in DB, but none that fits my use case. Which is:

  • I have binary data (PDF files) generated daily by an outsystems service and stored in the outsystems cloud database
  • I want to have a scheduled automatic download (e.g. once every day) of recently created files with the aim of archiving them in our ERP system

This means that there must be no user accessing a page through a web browser and saving each file (or a ZIP of files) manually. It could have been done through the native windows bitsdownload tool or some download manager, but they expect absolute paths (e.g.

How would you do it? Is there maybe a way to automatically call a REST service and downloading its response as file?

Hi Dimitri Kobzar,

I think you can achieve this with Timers in OutSystems, for creating timers please find the reference.

Let me know if you need further help.


Hi Sravan,

thank you for a quick reply, but with timers I can only download from a source TO outsystems database. I need it the other way round - I need to get the data out of outsystems database to a local storage.

Hello Dimitri,

If you want something that will download a file from a server to a client machine at some schedule, you will need to create a native app for that, as you can't do that using web applications.

And yes, you will need to provide the absolute path to the files, or at least expose a REST/SOAP that will be able to return the file/files and use this in a native application. 

I would say that would be easier to store those files in an external service, like an FTP or some cloud service like amazon, dropbox, etc, and than use a native application to download from it.


Hi Eduardo,

thanks for sharing your ideas. This is what I thought as well - the solution is rather outside the realm of outsystems.